At best hair transplant scheduling a personal consultation appointment with Mr. Mehmood Aftab (Medical director, Professional aesthetic consultant) is your first step for having best hair transplant. Mr. Mehmood Aftab stresses the importance for each patient to feel comfortable with their surgeon before electing to have a best hair transplant. For this reason, you will not meet with a salesperson. At Islamabad Private Hospital Hair Restoration Center for best hair transplant, patients meet directly with Mr. Mehmood Aftab, who will personally evaluate you and discuss your goals and desires for hair restoration and aesthetic surgery.
Team of Experienced & Certified, Dermatologists Plastic surgeons, Professional Aesthetic laser consultants.

About Best Hair Transplant in Pakistan

During the appointment at Hair transplant in pakistan, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire that assists Mr. Mehmood Aftab in reviewing the history of your hair loss and any relevant medical information concerning your health. Then he will perform an examination of your scalp, evaluate your hair loss pattern, and determine the quality of your donor hair with a video-assisted hair microscope for Hair transplant in pakistan. Following the review of your medical history and examination of your scalp, he will discuss your surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Mr. Mehmood Aftab will dedicate as much time as necessary to address your questions and concerns. He recognizes that surgical hair restoration is a major decision that requires time and consideration.

Best Hair Transplant